Unleash the potential of your organization

DigiUnity is the employees platform for smart and engaging knowledge sharing


DigiUnity sets the knowledge in motion

Quick to create

DigiUnity makes content creation, such as vidoes, easy and efficient

Easy to share

To share or find what others have shared is easy with DigiUnity

Engaging to learn

Learning this way - to, from and with collegues is fun

This is how DigiUnity works

DigiUnity is your company´s own sharning- og learning platform, where the content is created and shared by all the employees


Show, tell and share

Share videos by recording you screen, cam or both.
Faster than typing and more efficient than online meetings.

The videos can easily be shared also outside your organization, for example to your customers and partners.


Engaging to learn

DigiUnity is built so that everyone can participate in the knowledge sharing.

The platform lowers the barrier for sharing with others, and increates the total knowledge and value for the company.

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You are in good company

Why become bether in knowledge sharing?

All companies that want to grow and develop itself need to be serious about knowledge sharing.

This is what happends in your organization with DigiUnity

  • You know more than you think you do DigiUnity shares it
  • Online meetings eat you up DigiUnity saves you a ton of time
  • Content disappears in traditional channels DigiUnity makes the knowledge available
  • I know many things, and I am important Your skills get seen and recognized
  • We all work with our own stuff DigiUnity creates a bond between us all

Focus on your daily work. We will cover everything else

solid security

We ensure that only the right people and approved devices can access your DigiUnity information, and we regularly test to ensure a secure platform while adhering to best practices.

Implementation from planning to active users

We provide your with the knowledge you need to succeed with your implementation project journey of releasing and creating value.

No need to think about software updates

DigiUnity provides the platform as a “software as a service” (SaaS). This eliminates not only any upfront installation needs, but also all on-going maintenance and upgrades.

All the support
you need

Following your customer relationship, we will provide you the support you need. DigiUnity offers support all the way from your implementation project to user engagement and technical support.

Simple & Low

DigiUnity´s off the shelf software has a simple and low subscription pricing model. Based on what you need, select the pricing plan you prefer.

Connect DigiUnity
to your tools

The DigiUnity platform represents a wide range of opportunities for tool connections or other integrations. Contact us to explore how we can connect to your special needs.

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DigiUnity AS

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