DigiUnity Chrome Extension

Update Available

Version 1.3.3 is now available

How do I update my extension?

Simply remove and then add your DigiUnity Chrome Extension from your Chrome Web Store.

Once these 3 steps are completed, you are all set. Happy recording!

Create a shortcut

For easy access to DigiUnity, create a shortcut in your browser.


What is included in version 1.3.3?

Bug fixes

  • Video size showing 2560:720 weird resolution.
  • Multi tab recording injecting cam in other tab.
  • Making the window size smaller camera circle shape is showing wrong.
  • When clicking other window timer stops.
  • Camera injecting issue in some specific website (improved).
  • Timer issue during current tab recording in other window.
  • When extension is open the site is not loading in the background.
  • Video duration is not uploading correct during uploading.
  • Cam is not removing after recording upload in google doc files.
  • During pausing in big cam control tools is hiding with pause alert box (unable to delete recording).
  • Camera Only - Color not covering the full screen.

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